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Pokerstars 50 billionth hand

PokerStars recently achieved a mega milestone in online poker.

On September 22 PokerStars became the first-ever online poker room to deal 50 billion hands by dealing the big hand at a low stakes 6-max NL Hold'em cash game. PokerStars started the countdown in preparation for the 50 billionth hand 300 million hands prior in the meanwhile awarding cash prizes all the way up to the big hand. PokerStars gave away nearly 1 million dollars during the overall 50 billionth hand celebrations. The lucky winner of PokerStars' 50 billionth hand was player "tbvle".

Here is a quick recap of how the action unfolded. PokerStars slowed the game down minutes prior to the hand being dealt. Everyone who wanted to participate in watching the action PokerStars pros and railbirds alike got a chance to open up the lucky table and watch. The six handed low stakes cash game had no more than 80 dollars on the entire table and with a prize of $56,140 for the winning hand it was no surprise that every player pushed all of their chips in the center. PokerStars player "tbvle" tabled QhQd and it held up all the way to over 56,000 dollars. PokerStars didn't leave the other five losing players out, those players got to split up around $15,000 in free cash along with everyone at the table getting a seat into PokerStars WCOOP Main Event, a $5,200 value.

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PokerStars is quite literally the biggest online poker room and by being the first to 50 billion hands PokerStars has solidified their position as the leading online poker room in the world. PokerStars has many great features that attract all kinds of poker players to include some of the biggest names in professional poker.

PokerStars is home to Team PokerStars, which is comprised of some of the greatest players in the world to include World Series of Poker Champions, World Poker Tour Champions, European Poker Tour Champions, and many other champions. PokerStars is the place to play online poker if you want a shot at becoming a PokerStars champion or even if you want a shot at getting your hands one some of that PokerStars cash from events like the 50 billionth hand celebration.