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197 bodies started and for those barely able to limp into the next phase were quickly blown away by the storm. By the time the dinner break started at LVL 14, only 77 players remained. Most of the big names were absent. Lacey Jones getting eliminated after cracking the top 100 and Derrick Law eliminated just before dinner, but he had no complaints, especially after making a big score from the BCPC a few months ago.

"CPT events have been fantastic over the last six months. I'm happy to be back at River Rock, once again an amazingly run tournament, a great cast of characters, but unfortunately I finished just out of the money."

Having a chance to meet Johnny Chan was also an honour for him. "Johnny Chan has a fantastic sense of humour. He's a really funny guy, he's personable, he's interested in people and I think having his calibre of player here was great for the event."

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Still surviving was American Scott Clements and good old Canadian boys Gavin Smith and Doug Lee. I watched a key hand involving Doug Lee double up with his A-A over K-K. Good thing the K-K protected the hand by pushing all-in as well, which squeezed out another player's A-Q, which would have ended up making trips.

Back in April, Doug and Gavin shared the CPP cover. Doug provided an article about "Bullying the Table" and ironically during LVL 14, with tables continuing to break, the duo locked horns for real in a hand. Gavin forces the action with his all-in move and Doug goes into the tank. He has Gavin covered but he's built up a healthy stack and obviously doesn't want to risk any of it. After some tense moments, time is called. With a great measure of reluctance, Doug makes the decision to call and is the underdog with his A-Q vs. Gavin's A-K. Bricked -up flop with a King on the turn leaves him drawing dead. With the blinds and antes in the mix, Gavin collects about 180,000 in the pot, leaving Doug with about 36K and needing to rebuild.

After winning that hand Gavin explained to me how much he enjoyed the CPT event so far. "The tournament has been great. I love Vancouver, love the hotel. The tournament has been going well for me although I've been short-stacked. Coming back from dinner with about 50,000 the average was around 100,000 and I told them I'm going to go on a rush and I did. Now I'm at about 250,000 in chips and I can make some noise in this tournament."

When 53 players were left, the tournament went hand-for-hand, as the bubble loomed over the 50 positions being paid out. The next hand-for-hand grind would begin again at 12 players, with 10 advancing to the televised final table to be held in the morning. Near the beginning of LVL 15, contestant #51 has to make the long walk from the Show Lounge, as the remainder of players make the money.