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Armed with an excellent education in law and economics and a predisposition to play card games, Vanessa Rousso connected easily into the money of the major international poker events. Moreover, her age allows her to aspire to greater ambitions and keep hope of one day being included in the Poker Hall of Fame among other legendary names.

The entrance of Vanessa Rousso in the professional poker world has been a gradual process at the level of the buy-ins. In 2005, at the $200 No Limit Hold'em tournament at the Bayou Poker Challenge, she won 7th place and $6,465. She then competed in tournaments by increasing gradually the stakes until 2006 when she went to the World Poker Tour Championship in Las Vegas in the $25,000 No Limit Hold'em event. She managed to get the 7th place and $263,000.

During the same year, she tried the experience of the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and finished in 8th place with $ 61,000. Some time later, she won 1st place in the WPT Atlantic City and received $290,000. In 2007, she participated in the Ultimate Poker Challenge Championship in Las Vegas and was awarded the 2nd place and $65,000. Towards the end of the year, she received $700,000 in prize for her 2nd place in the World Championship online. The following year she won the first place in the Poker After Dark $20,000 in Las Vegas and won the $120,000 promised to the winner. She then went to Monte Carlo to compete in the European Poker Tour.

And she finished in 4th place for $55,000. Next she tried to repeat her feat in the world championship online, but fails to 3rd place. She earned $60,000 anyway. The year 2009 began with a bang for our player, because she won 2nd place in the NBC $20,000 National Heads Up tournament in Las Vegas and $250,000. Thereafter, she took her revenge with the European Poker Tour in Monte Carlo by winning the 1st place and $950,000. And she repeated her victory in Poker After Dark Las Vegas and won $120,000 again.

Vanessa Rousso tournament gains

In ascending order, Vanessa Rousso won $240,000 for her two first places in the Poker After Dark, her earnings for her 4th and 6th place were not disclosed. In the World Series of Poker, although she has not yet been able to reach the top step of the podium, she earned $275,000 with 15 entries. From low-profile tournaments in the world but nonetheless, she pocketed as much as $460,000. For her five appearances at the World Poker Tour, she has earned around $600,000 in prize money. In the online world poker championships, she earned $760,000. However, her greatest success was in two editions of the European Poker Tour, where she pocketed a whopping $990,000. In total, the PokerStars female pro managed to win the tidy sum of $3,360,000 dollars in just a five year career.

In poker, Vanessa Rousso is in search of excitement and perfection, and as such she has a pronounced preference for the No Limit Hold'Em. Early in her career, she turned to a professional to help her correct her leaks. As for the game, she is used to prepare strategies before each tournament is held with a draconian discipline. She uses her talents as a lawyer to turn to her advantage all the leaks in her opponents' game. Also, her training taught her to control her audience when she should speak and attack. Otherwise, she is quite conservative and admits to wait the turn, because of implied odds, before running into the stack.