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The Pokerstars WCOOP

What is the Pokerstars WCOOP?

Simply put the WCOOP is the largest online poker tournament in the world.

WCOOP stands for world championship of online poker. This trademarked annual event was initiated by PokerStars in 2002. After nearly a decade of success, WCOOP is the benchmark in online poker tournament events, equivalent in itself to the WSOP, its live poker older brethren. The WCOOP gets bigger and bigger year after year. In 2009 they offered an extraordinary total guarantee of 40 million dollars, but this was surpassed by far as the total prize pool reached over $51 millions.

Encompassing 45 poker tournaments, it is nearly as big as the WSOP. This is the competition that all top online poker pros are waiting for, as this the opportunity to both demonstrate their poker skills to their peers and to collect amazing prizes. In 2009 Daniel 'djk123' Kelly won the 'Player of the Series' trophy and cashed $956k thanks to two bracelets and a 4th place in the main event.

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Pokerstars WCOOP details

PokerStars has added to its aura of leader of online poker with this phenomenal event. The WCOOP consists in 45 online poker tournaments.

Most of the buy-in fees are $215, making it very affordable for all casual players. There are also bigger tournaments such as the NLHE main even ($5,200 entry fee), the HORSE high roller ($10,300) and a few more at $2k, $1k and $530 entry fees.

Of course most popular poker variations are represented, such as Texas Hold'em (fixed limit, pot-limit & no-limit), Razz, pot-limit Omaha, mixed games like 8-Game & HORSE, 7-Card Stud, Badugi and Omaha Hi-Lo.

Among champions Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier a team PokerStars pro extremely dangerous has distinguished himself once more when he won two WCOOP bracelets in 2009. WCOOP is the place to test your online poker tournament skills, so if you are not yet registered at PokerStars, visit them without delay.